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Welcome to the site Miniature Schnauzers kennel "Alter Bekar"!


My name is Svetlana Berezovskaya, I'm breeding miniature schnauzers for many years and it is a great pleasure for me. From the begining it was just a hobby, now it's a matter of my life, and I will be immensely happy if I could infect you with love to miniature schnauzers - very cheerful and, at same time, very smart and obedient dog!


Miniature Schnauzer - it's a great companion dog, he gets along very well with children, other dogs, loves to play, movement. Taking a puppy in our kennel, you can be sure that it will grow healthy dog ​​breeding appropriate standard, and you as the owner, you can always count on my help and advice - both in education ,, issues of feeding and maintenance, and on your show career pet.


The decision to take a puppy - the first step to finding a loyal and loving friend, to a new and exciting life. Please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions!


Thank you for your interest in our kennel, hope that we can help you!


Svetlana Berezovskaya



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